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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 30, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san jose. a teenaged girl said she was smacked in the head by a sharks fan for rooting for the visiting team. if you think this sounds like a the brian stow story there is an aspect. >> reporter: you may be making your new year's eve party plans, but police officers all over the bay area are making their dui crackdown plans. spotty light rain showers, possibility in the north bay more than likely mist and drizzle and areas of dense fog it good morning i'm frances dinglasan, fog across some bay area bridges looking good across the bay bridge update on an earlier accident in san mateo that i've been
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following. >> gentleman 5 a.m., on this friday morning the -- it is 5 a.m., i'm eric thomas, kristen is off today. there's fog and mist and drizzle in spots don't expect anything measurable, right lisa? >> that's right. we've been talking all weeklong about how this will go down in the record books for the third driest december since 1849. also with high confidence that what rain we see is not going to be measurable today. 53 oakland, 54 redwood city the numbers are mild with the cloud cover. we have visibility that has been reduced to less than half a mile in santa rosa, mountain view 3/4 of a mile, san jose mile and a half, the chance of rain lingerses in the north bay throughout the early everyone elsewhere -- partly cloudy today. the rest of year, coming up. topping our news, a young
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hockey fan from san jose, also a brain cancer survivor recovering at home after a frightening attack she suffered a new head injury at the hands of a sharks' fan because she wasn't rooting for the home team. >> reporter: that is the story that we are getting from 16-year-old maggie who was here at hp pavillion wednesday night. she was hit in the back of the head by a sharks' fan just because she was rooting for the canucks. take a look at a picture of the girl we are talking about, 16-year-old maggie . her 18-year-old sister on the right. four years ago maggie had surgery for a brain tumor in her native canada. canucks players visited her in the hospital as she recovered. wednesday night wearing a canucks shirt the sharks fan was taunting her throughout the game when the sharks
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scored a goal the woman smacked her in the head. the woman says it was an accident. maggie was hurt, taken into the ambulance as she was being loaded into the ambulance another fan yelled you are faithing it, suck it up. her family says she did suffer a con -- concussion her benign brain tumor was not impacted. within paramedic showed a picture of brian stow who was beaten in april in l.a. and says that -- says that made her feel better. sharks say the person who made contact with the injured fan stated it was accidental. during the celebration of a sharks goal. san jose police are investigating but won't be able to assign detectives to this for a couple of days because of a heavy workload. maggie says, she would be terrified to go to another sharks game, but she would, as long as she had her parents and/or security with her.
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terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. another top story, bay area police say if you avoid drinking and driving this holiday weekend you won't have to an individual the 21 agencies taking -- to avoid the 21 agencies taking part in the crackdown. >> amy hollyfield is live in castro valley with more. >> reporter: not a good idea to drink and drive this weekend. there's pride here at this castro valley chp station their dui numbers are and they see that as a badge of honor. check points in place since december 16th, all over the bay area. they've already made 1,000 arrests. some counties, their numbers are down, others like in alameda county are up, more than 400 arrests since december 16th. officers say they that i is a good thing. >> primary goal is to save
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lives, and with the avoid the 21 campaign that started within this county there are 21 law enforcement agencies dedicated to preserving life. it is good because we are potentially saving lives by pre ing that driver from become -- preventing that driver from becoming involved in a traffic collision. >> reporter: chp says there will be more officers out there looking for drunk drivers if you go through a checkpoint you can be count -- you can count on be checked for drinking. if you are texting or have a headlight out you can bet they will be checking to see if you have been drinking. chp says designate a driver. they say they've arrested designated drivers for being drunk. consider public transportation there are several more options on new year's eve than on a regular night. bart will be running until 3
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a.m.. we have a list on our website of all of your public transportation or free right options. check out live in castro valley, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:06. this morning the young organ donor murdered in oakland last week will be laid to rest. funeral services are scheduled at the center of hope church this morning for charles butler, jr.. the 23-year-old was killed in west oakland december 22nd. his have a tall organs were donated, saving the life -- his vital organs were donated saving the lives of four people. he was ready to begin traveling the world before he was killed. police are still searching for the killer. police have made an ans in the decade old murder of a woman, 21-year-old alice simms' body was found in the nevada desert in 1999. investigators have taken her former boyfriend into custody. police initially considered
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ramon wong a person of interest but was never charged. detectives uncovered new evidence that led them to him. for her family the long wait for justice is almost over. >> i had a very emotional conversation with allison's father today. he has waited 12 years for this to happen. and i'm very happy and our investigators are very happy that we with able to bring him that news today that contra costa district attorney's office was going to file the case. >> wong is charged with murder with special circumstances. sheriff's office warning people who use a trail along highway 1 to be on guard after a woman was assaulted. she was walking on the trial in half moon bay between kelly and philibert streets around 7:30, tuesday night. police say someone came up from behind, knocked her to the ground and pulled her jacket. the suspect ran when the 2-year-old child began to cry. 5:07 on this friday
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morning. we have mist and drizzle as well as fog. is that any way to ring out the old year lisa? >> it is going to get sunnier and milder over the weekend. usually that is good news, but not for the rain starved bay area. we are looking at temperatures very mild low to mid 50s. 10° warmer than yesterday morning at half moon bay 55, 52 in san francisco. part of the story, the visibility reduced in the south bay to a mile and a half around mountain view. the rest of the bay area it continues to be very spotty where we will see areas of dense fog. once the front begins to limp through later this afternoon, that will improve, the fog and the missing out there most of the activity, the rain extreme northern california, a couple hundredths of inch along the coast. best chance of rain north of the golden gate the chance remains throughout the afternoon, north bay and
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santa rosa, sonoma, marin, we are not talking about the south bay just spotty drizzle peninsula upper 50s around 60 i talked about warmer weather, here it is, through next week. good morning. we are still keeping an eye on this accident san mateo, it doesn't seem to be causing a problem north 101 at 92, not blocking or reportedly blocking any lanes. what could cause a problem is that fog lisa has been talking about. chp warning drivers of how thick the fog is in pacifica, especially highway 1, skyline and that daly city area. live shot of the san mateo bridge looking better now than it did 20 minutes ago. conditions are changing, traffic still light westbound out of hayward into foster city. to the south bay, here conditions changed, now it seems a little fog . i saw eric -- one headlight
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moving traffic still light no problems in san jose. 5:0 -- 5:10. san francisco about to make mystery -- make history. a billion dollar decision by the state supreme court new limits on what sacramento can do with your tax dollars. >> the high-tech toys and games that are being put to the ultimate test by the
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new complaints about verizon wireless the company plans to charge did 2 fee if you pay with -- charge a $2 fee if you pay with a credit card. economists expect nearly 200,000 jobs will be created every month next year, two million for the year. they also warn all this could change if europe's debt crisis worsens or americans stop spending. the new york stock exchange d-listing parent company of american airlines next week after stock averaged below a dollar. amr stocks fell to 30 cents. theme parks, many central florida attractions as well as california disneyland had to turn away visitors this week, because they were overcrowded. the california supreme court has given the state a major budget victory.
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the court said the state has authority to eliminate community redevelopment agencies. but the ruling also said the state cannot impose new funding requirements on local communities. state counting on saving 1.7 billion dollars by eliminating about 400 redevelopment agencies. 13 billion dollar shortfall over the next 18 months, state officials say it is the right move. cities like san jose say those agencies are a vital tool. >> at a time when we had budget shortfalls at the state and local level, these are dollars that could be used more effectively it has already had a devastating impact on us. we are a skeleton crew. it is already wound down we've been prepared for this outcome. but it is an disappointing. the future of current redevelopment projects like the new 49er stadium could be in jeopardy. many projects will have to be paid for through private partnerships instead of public money. budget problems at the
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state level not stopping san francisco from giving its lowest paid workers a raise. beginning january 1st, minimum wage in san francisco will increase 32 cents from $9.92 to $10.24 per hour. a 2003 voter approved measure requires the city to want wallly adjust the minimum wage in accordance with inflation. the new -- the new wage boost makes san francisco the first place in the nation to surpass the $10 minimum wage park. in the heart of innovation country youngsters are getting a chance to help shape high-tech games and toys before they go on the market. jonathan bloom visited the new innovation lab in san francisco at the children's creativity museum. >> i've got children that love computers and experimenting. >> reporter: when jody kramer brought her three kids here it was like christmas all over again. >> [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: game developers and toymakers lining up to see what kids think of their latest creations. >> what we see is developers testing with their niece, nephew, two kids down the street. what they are miss something feedback from 50 or 100 kids. >> reporter: that's what they get by coming to the new innew england lab. the lab has only -- innovation lab. it has only been around 2 1/2 months it has become the place to try out ideas. >> kids are brutally honest if something is boring they will stop playing immediately. >> reporter: they could start playing it in a new way. david never imagined his new puzzle gauge would be for multiple players. >> we imagined one person sitting down, when you get two or three kids playing, each will take a cube itch >> reporter: it is not hard if get kids experimenting. curiosity is why -- why they came to the museum.
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>> very fun to color and try new things. >> i'm playing all the games. >> reporter: the kid -- >> the kids are coming here to play with stuff and color creative. it gives me an opportunity to talk with par lens. -- >> reporter: parents say they are happy they can see what goes into making the gauges they love. in san francisco, jonathan -- bloom, abc7 news. ing your hands on 49 -- getting your hands on 49er playoff tickets won't be easy unless you are a season ticket holder. there will be a limited number of seats available. most season ticket holders are taking advantage of their chance to purchase home playoff tickets. they have until today to order. afterwards the team will know how many will be left for the general public to 9ers fans haven't seen their team in the playoffs since 2002.
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so demand will be high. my team lost last night. >> i'm sorry. sorta. >> yeah right. we have not only the fog but clouds, mist and drizzle for the most part across the entire bay area light rain is being reported around mountain view this morning. temperatures very mild as much as 14° warmer this morning by the delta than yesterday morning everyone up about 9, 10°, 54 oakland, tie three fremont, mountain view, san jose, mountain vow visibility 3/4, san -- santa rosa up to four miles. no delays as of yet at sfo that could change. we are looking for clouds to stick around throughout most of the day with areas of dense
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fog, spotty light rain mainly north of the golden gate dry mild conditions even warmer for tomorrow and new year's day. the bulk of the rain well to the north anywhere from one to three inches california/oregon border as it slides south we are going to pick up light showers, spotty light showers it moves on through, mid to late around then the skies clear we'll see chilly conditions tonight here's a look at a ridge of our pressure still holding on for the southern half of the state and the activity mainly lifting north we could see a couple hundredths computer animation shows through 1:00 the rain continues to sink south then it begins to fall apart and it is going to take all day long for the ceilings to lift. by 3:00, 4:00, maybe sun, rainfall amounts anywhere from
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less than a 10th of an inch to a couple hunths, along the coast. -- hundredths along the coast. snow pack we are getting 24% of normal. sierra nevada 15% of normal compared to last year 215% of normal. we get a lot of our rain january, february, maybe next week this week still looks dry. we are talking the first week of 2012 with sunny, mild conditions, mid and upper 60s around the bay. any good news on the roads this morning frances? >> yeah, in fact there was in overturned crash reported in the south bay, chp got there within a few minutes northbound 880 at the montague expressway not even blocking any lanes. you can see the sensor in that area, 60 miles per hour not causing delays, it is looking
5:21 am
green throughout the south bay and that means traffic is moving at 40 miles an hour or above in this case it is well above. we'll take you outside and show you a live shot of the bay bridge. see things across the span. -- you can see things across the span. there was a back up heading eastbound, everything seems to be rolling along well. we'll head to 101 and 880, roads are a bit damp, possibly a little slick. just be careful, so far no major problems. 5:21. secret revealed. next, the history of apple computer hidden in a secret location what they were willing to show us. spectacular show one of the world's most active lava flows giving tourists in hawaii. that's "america's money."
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i'm sunny hostin.
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good morning. 5 aren't 24. thank you for -- thank you for joining us. live look from the camera towards the bay bridge traffic moving around. what you can't see is the mist and drizzle you might encounter. lisa is watching the radar she will have more on that coming up. a bit of apple history is how behind closed doors at stanford this is just a glimpse of what is the world's largest collection of historic apple computer related artifacts collection takes up more than 600 feet of shelf
5:25 am
space at the off campus storm facility. archives include interviews, photos, computer blueprints and early handwritten financial records. >> through this one collection you can trace out the history of the evolution of the computer. >> we hope will happen with the materials here is that people will see there are lessons in the past and that some of them are worth digging for. >> the apple archives are in a secret location and not open to the public. historians who want a glimpse will have to call stanford. ç you wantç to watch this. new pictures of the lava at kilauea in hawaii. it is not threatening any homes but creating a show for people who fly over the volcano. this photo shows the glow ayla have lake within the volcano. the lava is entering the sea at several locations this picture shows the large amount of steam generated by the lava as it hits the water.
5:26 am
it is a beautiful but powerful indication of what mother nature can do. next, dozens of bay area teens on a ski trip caught with a trove of drugs and alcohol. why police let them off the hook? >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose with the story of a 16-year-old girl smacked in the head during a hockey game. the question for police, was it an accident or an assault? the story coming up in a live report. good morning waking up to cloudy skies. mist, drizzle and fog pervasive around the bay area if you are heading out of town, there are delays at chicago o'hare airport where we see a little rain mixed with snow. mild temperatures in the northeast, definitely call ahead, that fog could be causing a problem throughout the day. back in a minute. >> [ female announcer ] lactaid milk is easy to digest.
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. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose with the story of a teenaged girl smack in the head during a sharks game she says because she was rooting for the visiting team. this girl has already survived brain cancer surgery. the story coming up in a live report. union city police warning residents to watch the amount of gold they wear after a man tried to rob a woman of her jewelry at gunpoint. >> oakland police move in on other occupation, they evict 16 squatters to tried to take over a foreclosed home. mist, drizzle and fog has reduced visibility around the bay area. spotty light rain showers around the bay this morning. look out for that fog on your commute this morning. there have been a few accidents, no big slow downs. bay bridge flowing smoothly. 5:29. thanks for joining us i'm eric
5:30 am
thomas. kristen is off. first, a look at the weather. it is misty and drizzley out there. we are going to check in with lisa in for mike this morning. we showed you our travel forecast earlier. the roughest weather happens to be in the pacific northwest. it has been so dry and it has been mild in the northeast. the mild numbers are with us due to the cloud cover, 54 oakland, 52 san francisco. santa rosa improve in the last hour, sfo not bad now but that is likely to change. livermore five miles visibility. with the fog, mist and drizzle, rain showers favoring coast north bay then it lifts and we have a dry and mile weekend on the way, the specifics coming up. at 5:30, a teenaged brain tumor survivor goes to a sharks game and suffers a
5:31 am
concussion at the hands of another fan. was it an accident or intentional, because the young victim was rooting for the other team? terry mcsweeney is live in san jose with more on this story. >> reporter: whichever it was, here's what we know, wednesday night the sharks were playing the canucks at hp pavillion. a girl got hit in the head from behind. the girl a vancouver fan the person who hit her a sharks fan. this is a picture on the left you see maggie and on the right her 18-year-old sister. the mercury news says four years ago maggie had surgery for a brain tumor in canada. while she was recovering members of the canucks visited her in the hospital. wednesday night wearing a canucks shirt, the sharks fan behind her had been taunting her throughout the game. when the sharks scored a goal the woman smacked her in the the woman says it was an accident that maggie was hurt, taken to an ambulance as she
5:32 am
is being loaded into the ambulance another sharks fan says you are faithing it, suck it up. maggie's family says the girl suffered a concussion -- her benign brain tumor was not impacted. one paramedic who treated her is a friend of brian stow, a giants fan who was attacked in the dodgers' parking lot in l.a. in april she says those pictures made her feel better. take a look at a portion from the statement from the sharks the person who made contact with the injured fan stated that the contact was accidental during the celebration of a sharks' goal. san jose police say they are investigating. they have taken statements if from two witnesses, most people in the section say they didn't see anything happen during the excitement of that goal. police say they can't assign detectives to this for a couple of days because they are overloaded. as far as going to another sharks game maggie said she would gladly do it and would
5:33 am
like to have security or her parents with her next time around. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. young organ donor murdered in oakland last week will be laid to rest today at the center of hope church this morning for charles butler, jr. the 23-year-old was killed on december 22 tpwhd. his organs saved the lives of four gravely ill people. he completed a merchant marine program and was to ready to begin traveling the world. police are still searching for his killer. police in union city have a clear warning for everyone, please leave your gold home. the warning comes after a brazen street robbery that almost got a good samaritan shot. the latest robbery happened at green haven apartments on alvarado boulevard. this suspect, approached two women this week and tried to take their gold jewelry in broad daylight. in the process, the suspect
5:34 am
shot at one of the women's husband who tried to intervene. >> the suspect was still trying to rob the victim and pulling off her jewelry she couldn't get it off the suspect saw the husband coming and he told him to step back, the husband didn't. >> the suspect missed and the woman's husband -- missed the would's husband and ran off. police are advising peep to wear less gold because the price continues to rise and so do these kinds of robberies. 5:34. nearly 250 high school kids headed to utah for a holiday ski trip were busted with booze, bongs and drugs, many of them from the bay area police in northern nevada decided to let them continue on to their vacation. >> reporter: pipes, bongs, booze and what could be pounds of marijuana. all this confiscated tuesday from buses full of bay area high school students heading
5:35 am
to you for a ski trip. the buses stopped for food that's when the trouble began. >> some of them apparently were smoking or maybe even smoking marijuana outside the bus. it appeared suspicious to the people. >> reporter: they call list. >> our officers went with our k-9 units and sheriff's department there as well to assist us. the drug dogs hit on all five buses. >> they found an astonishing amount of marijuana and alcohol. >> reporter: the trip was ordered by summer winter action tours the owner and president wasn't thrilled with how police handled the situation. >> the police said if there is any more contraband on the bus you need to turn it over and you won't get in trouble. >> tough situation to hear about when you are looking at kids who are supposed to be having a fun time. >> reporter: larry is here to watch his 15-year-old daughter play in a basketball tournament.
5:36 am
he says police are sending the wrong message. >> i think you have to put an iron fist down, a little bit send a message that this is not going to be tolerated kind of a zero tolerance situation. >> reporter: the owner agreed so he did his own investigation by asking chaperones and security and handing down his own punishment. >> once that bus got to salt lake city we stopped the bus interviewed everybody and sent 17 kids home. >> this group of kids was just a fraction of the entire trip dubbed el nino 2011 there are 1800 high school students from all over california and arizona taking part. 16 occupy protesters squatters actually are facing charges following a police raid on a foreclosed oakland home. the occupiers were taken into custody when they refused to leave a house on 10th street near mandela parkway. someone from fannie mae called police the lender owns the
5:37 am
property, the occupiers want the home turned into low income housing. wednesday police cleared an occupy oakland tent city in a vacant lot. police arrested one and cited 14. for the second time this week a southwest airlines flight struck a migratory bird near sacramento airport. a warning you are about to see some of the evidence of one of those bird strikes this one got caught in an elevator slap on the tail of a boeing 737 last night. inbound flight 2983 from burbank landed without incident. the pilot was unaware until the crew discovered it afterwards. less than 12 hours earlier wednesday morning a southwest flight departing sacramento struck another bird, the flight to ontario had to turn around. sacramento has more bird strikes than any west coast airport because it is located in the western fly away area for migratory birds.
5:38 am
they spent a lot of money and effort trying to get those birds out of the way. but there's a lot of them with a mind of their own. 5:38 now. we've got some problems. fog, mist and drizzle and the possibility of a little light rain throughout the morning and early afternoon hours. look at these mild temperatures, low to mid 50s start, 54 in oakland, 53 in redwood city the visibility with that moisture has been refused from mountain view to san jose our coast only a mile visibility it has improved in santa rosa, napa, livermore five mile visibility no delays currently at sfo or oakland that could change the cold front now well to the north of us dropping anywhere from a couple of inches of rain for the california/oregon border to the southern extent sweeping through the bay area later today that means just a
5:39 am
couple hundredths at best mist and drizzle along the coast mountain view light rain shower the rest of the morning and the afternoon hours shows progression of the front and as it sinks south it will begin to mix out the atmosphere partly cloudy skies late in the day going to take all day and we will see highs on the cool side upper fives too to low 60s. -- upper 50s to low 60s. new crash in the caldecott tunnel westbound blocking a lane we'll check that for you and see if it causes a delay. live shot of the san mateo bridge westbound traffic on the right. the fog advisory has been cancelled for the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge and bay bridge within the last half hour you can see why, it is much clearer. also an accident in san mateo east 92 to north 101 not causing a problem. there is still a lot of thick fog along highway 1 in
5:40 am
pacifica that's where you want to be careful. with the slightly damp roads a few minor accidents elsewhere. still ahead, the game of fetch that got a 19-year-old and his dog in a precarious predicament. >> have your children outgrown their booster seats? the california car seat safety law is about [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a 19-year-old man and his dog are safe a dramatic rescue on a steep hillside in southern california. the two fell down a cliff near san fernando after the man's father threw a bottle and the dog chased it over the edge. the teen tried to save the dog but slid 150 feet down the slope, firefighters had to repel to where the dog was and able to carry it to say the 19-year-old had to be lowered to the bottom of the cliff. neither the dog nor the teen was hurt. new law going into effect that parents need to know about it has to do with your child and car seats. fines up to $500. sue thompson explains. >> reporter: 7-year-old kennedy on new year's day will
5:44 am
be back riding in a booster seat. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: a new law makes it mandatory. >> children under 8-years-old need to be in a booster or car seat. >> reporter: that's right, california's 6 and 7-year-olds will be required to ride in booster seats starting sunday. her father says the law means more work juggling seats but safety matters. >> as long as it keeps them ?v bit more work but we manage. >> reporter: safety expert carol powers wants parents to know the benefits of a booster. >> this lap belt is riding on the top of the thighs shoulder belt goes across the hard bones and lands in the middle of the shoulder. >> reporter: then the potential danger without a child safety restraint. >> it going to go in those organs see how it goes across her neck going to want to do this and this is very dangerous because she is not in her seat belt properly.
5:45 am
>> if my is 7-years-old and not in that car seat and that could have saved her life, i would have liked to have that kind of forced upon me. >> reporter: another important thing to note, once your child is too big for a booster seat, it will will be law that parents make sure kids 16 and under are seat belted in, if not you could face fines for that as well. sue thompson, abc7 news. 5:45. are you looking for a job? you might want to try the bank. the bloomberg business report is coming up. >> the surprising change in the number of death sentences handed up in california. >> the romney campaign tries to seal the deal in iowa. i'm tahmon bradley latest, coming up. hotclgbe wheels. the worst day of the year to park your car in public.
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5:48 am
airport delays now an hour and 12 minutes at sfo high temperatures under the cloudy conditions will be mild upper 50s, we are going to see the sun from around san jose southward i'll have a look at the rest of your weather forecast, which includes the last weekend of the year, coming up. 5:48 now. death penalty rates are drastically down in california. this year the number of people sentenced to capital
5:49 am
punishment in the state fell to 10, according to a report in the "los angeles times". that's one of the lowest levels since california reinstated the death penalty in '78. what is driving this trend? pros queue may be seeking -- prosecutors may be seeking out more lighter sentences in light of the appeals process which can take more than a decade after a death penalty conviction as well as the six year moratorium. final dash in iowa. tuesday night voters will make their choices in the iowa caucuses. will they stay with mitt romney, paul or will they surprise the nation with another choice? tahmon bradley has the latest. >> i'm running pore president if you get a chance to caucus remember the name mitt romney. >> reporter: romney is benefiting from the remarkable collapse of the gingrich campaign. romney tops the republican field in the hawkeye state 25%,
5:50 am
paul 22%, santorum hacçt)ge today to third place with 16%. now in fourth place, newt gingrich who just three weeks ago topped the field. >> i want to be the nominee >> reporter: gingrich and roplt knee dealing with a threat from the right. first santorum who has been winning over conservatives, spending more time in iowa. >> bigger numbers and feel very good. >> reporter: then there's texas congressman ron paul. >> something will change. >> reporter: who has a strong organization in iowa and got a boost when senator sorensen, an influential tea party figure left michelle bachmann's campaign to sign up for team paul. >> clearly two tiers of candidates i think ron paul is in that top tier. >> reporter: michelle bachmann says ron paul would be a dangerous president. huntsman called him
5:51 am
unelectable. tahmon bradley, abc news, washington. :50. let's take a look at the traffic situation out there. frances dinglasan is going to check that for us. we've had a few accidents for this time of the morning could be due to the wet and slick roads with the moisture. we are going to take you to one in cal cot tunnel westbound -- caldecott tunnel westbound tunnel blocking a lane. still moving smoothly as you make your way towards oakland at 55 miles per hour. also an accident in hayward southbound 880 on the whipple off-ramp, not blocking any lanes. two accidents on the peninsula, east 92 to north 101 and north 101 to 280, just look fourth that. again, we are seeing thick fog along highway 1 in pacifica,
5:52 am
drivers need to slow down there. lisa is going to tell us more about that fog airport delays right now over an hour -- hour at sfo mild temperatures, low to mid 50s from 9 to 15° warmer than we were yesterday morning. the fog has moved around. it is now a problem in the south bay and peninsula from 3/4 of a mile to 2 1/2 mile visibility san jose. the coast, a mile here and santa rosa and livermore four to five miles of visibility. we are looking at the clouds, the fog, the mist spotty light rain showers mainly north of the golden gate mountain view has reported a shower also the bulk of the activity here, live doppler well to the north of us this frontal band will sink south, going to fizzle out in the southern end of it going to swing through later on today with the moisture and a little lift, the possibility exists for a few light showers.
5:53 am
in terms of the amount looks like still nothing measurable in downtown san francisco, that's why in year is still going down in the record books it looks like this month for the third driest december on record the later afternoon hours turning partly cloudy best chance of showers, morning, afternoon with anywhere from a couple hundredths to a 10th of an inch in the north bay, marin sonoma coastal hills santa cruz mountains the rest of the bay area should be dry, ceilings lifting in the afternoon with milder numbers south of san francisco, low 60s here today, the coolest day we'll see in some time with the cloud cover and moisture in the air. then the look ahead, boy, rounding out the end of the year sunny, mild, mid upper 60s around the bay that going to take us through the first week of the new year still no rain in sight. our time is 5:53. shares of american airlines parent company are getting
5:54 am
grounded. here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. if you are looking for a job and hope fog get hired fast, you -- hoping to get hired fast, you might try a bank. forget about being a telephone rep, the number of operators on the decline, expected to continue to fall because of labor saving technology. shares of american airline parent grounded the stock plunged 68%, down 93% on the year the stock will get a new ticker and trade somewhere . if you are still trying to figure out your plans for he new year's eve how would you like to watch a sardine drop and kiss it, jump on a huge piece of bubble wrap with hundreds of other people in pens quo la, florida. -- pensacola, florida. topic force the quirkiest new
5:55 am
year's destinations. las vegas expecting near record crowds as people pack clubs. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. a san francisco appeals court says a law giving telecommunications companies immunity for helping the government look for terrorists is constitutional. appeal involved 33 cases. reports say the national security agency the nation's largest intelligence agency was operating out of a secret room in san francisco and collecting call records of tens of millions of americans. in a separate ruling the court says the government can be sued for the warrantless surveillance of americans' phone conversations and e-mails. new year's eve may be the last time you will be able to drink one type of alcoholic beverage, beer spiked with caffeine starting january 1st, banning the sale of beer
5:56 am
spiked with extra caffeine, caffeinated beer is popular among college students. state lawmakers say the combination of alcohol and caffeine poses a health hadz czar. they passed the ban last summer in response to several incidents in which consumers were hospitalized. s indicate more cars are stolen new year's day than -- statistics indicate more cars are stolen new year's eve than any other day of the year. people leave their vehicle in unusual locationsç duringç the early morning hours of the holiday because they take cabs home after a night of hard partying. drivers tend to forget to lock their doors. the insurance group suggests leaving your car home and taking a taxi. if you drive, leave your car in plain sight, take your keys. people leave them in the ignition more often than you might think and make sure the car door is locked. just ahead, they are over
5:57 am
used, misused or useless. the list of words that thousands hope we won't be using in the new year. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san jose with the story of a 16-year-old girl recovering from a concussion after being smacked in the head by a sharks fan because she was rooting for the visiting the woman who hit her has a different story. the story coming up in a live
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